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You Are My Favourite

14 February 2012

Yes, you're my, get that kettle on! :)

Yes, you're my, get that kettle on! :)


I Wish All My Lovely Readers A Happy Valentine‘s Day!

Although, I don’t think you should have just the one day to show your favourite things (or person) that you should love them, I believe you should be either scoffing them in moderation or showing that special person daily that you care 24/7. Love/food loving should be happening 365 days a year, and not just the one! – so go out today and have something you reeeeeeeeeeeeally enjoy, I will be! :)

If you’re stuck for some Valentine’s Day baking recipes – love bread? last year, I made some amazingly sweet and delicious heart-shaped bread rolls – find the recipe and instructions here: Cinnamon heart-shaped rolls

Happy Valentine's Day in the kitchen

Heart-shaped cinnamon bread rolls – go on stuff him/her up on these rolls of love!


Now where’s Bazza-Noms?


Missie Cindz