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EVERYONE has a favourite pudding

31 August 2011

Missie Cindz seasonal pudding club on 17th September 2011

Missie Cindz seasonal pudding club on 17th September 2011


Sweet-toothed Sheffielders are in for a treat at the Rutland Arms on Saturday, September 17.

Missie Cindz Pudding Club serves up a five-course pudding set menu, with a different theme for each event. This time round the theme is ‘favourites’. A big thank you to all you lucky ‘sweet’ Sheffielders who managed to reserve purple spoons with us, we received lots of great feedback and interest regarding Puds which saw spoons all reserved up within matters of days! It was also interesting to find out many of you tweeted having a #MissiesPuddingClub during the week, in the evening, please let me know if this would suit most of you and I’ll have to see what the Missie can do for future events.

I liked the idea of a Pudding Club because it’s socially fun and you can chat to people over mouthfuls of sweet goodness. Each ‘Missie Pudding Club’ event will feature a ‘Sheffield Food Pudding Star’ (woo hoo, I hear you all whistle and clap!?) – but what is OR who is a Sheffield Food Pudding ‘Star’? I hear you ask….Our pudding guest ‘Star’ will be an artisan, chef, independent food producer or food-related business based in the Sheffield area, where he or she will rustle up something tasty for us to NOM on the day :) Sounds good, huh?…C’mon this event wouldn’t be Missie-licious enough if we didn’t involve Sheffield and Food in the same sentence!

After my Eat Sheffield Food Week (in July) these talented Sheffield Food producers, I’ve grown to learn more about, have now become people I’d happily call my friends, ‘friends of Missie Cindz’. Keep an eye out for a blog post this week which tells you more about the ‘friends of Missie Cindz’ campaign. You’ll be in for a good feeding!

Anyway, back to Pudding Club, we’re really looking forward to surfing that custard with you. It’s going to be a real sweet treat – sorry for those who weren’t able to grab a spoon in time (the sweet toothed people of Sheffield don’t snooze! :), but I assure you there’ll be plenty more delightful times nom with us! (I’m already planning our next Club). REMEMBER, at each event there are only 20 places available so you must book or purchase tickets early. Perhaps you’d like to join the Missie Cindz mailing list by sending Cindy Cheung, the event organiser (and Pud Lover) an email: to keep up-to-date with all things sweet and tasty.

Finally, if you miss out on any delicious tweets, you can find me on Facebook (give me a like) to follow my Food Adventures sourcing for all things Sheffield and wholesome. Thanks again for all your support :) and I’m looking forward to curating more tasteful food adventures and stories to share with you…keep those forks on standby – Cindy/Missie x

Missie Cindz

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