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Sheffield Star newspaper

29 June 2011

Yes, Missie Cindz is hogging up the food lime light again!

Yes, Missie Cindz is hogging up the food lime light again!


The countdown to the Sheffield food festival starts ticking quickly…with just 5 days to go til my Sheffield FEAST-ival Food Challenge begins!

If any of you managed to grab today’s Sheffield Star newspaper you would’ve found your little Missie Cindz featured on page 20. A big thank you to @thenorth for whizzing up their PR magic and Jo Davison (writer of The Star’s Food section) for the fab write-up who brilliantly describes and accents the flavour of my Sheffield Food Week in one! Have any of you had the chance to see or read the article? let me know your thoughts – I know it’s very rare you’ll find and see a piccie of your Missie in real-life (flesh coloured) so make sure you appreciate the photo – a bit of Photoshop magic can do anything :)

Remember I will be blogging and tweeting daily during my food week and look out for my alter ego doll (cutouts) pinned up and hanging around the city centre with her smiley fork alongside tasty Sheffield food producers. Plus, I am still giving away Missie Cindz badges right up until my food week challenge (10th July) – pick up your FREE Missie Cindz badges from PJ Taste (@PJtaste) on Glossop Road and at Site Gallery, The Rutland Arms (@RutlandArms) on Brown ST or Sushi Express (@sushiexpressuk), Milton ST – and all you have to say to get a badge is “I’m following Missie Cindz” Wearers will receive food discounts and offers off foods from my menu plan – it’s easy as eating pie!

It’s a thanks for saying thanks to people for eating a piece of Sheffield with me. Hopefully I will get to meet some of you during all the Sheffield Food Fest events and on my lunch hour? If you do see me stuffing my face, please do make sure you pop up and say hello!  For more information about Sheffield Food Festival, please see: and if you haven’t already seen their brochure, check it out here.

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Missie Cindz

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