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Where is Missie Cindz?

10 June 2011

Follow the Missie Cindz Sheffield Food Trail

Missie Cindz (me) is always busy fooding around, you’re likely to see me up and down the City, not having much time to sleep and having a best friend as a smiley fork.

I’d like to challenge my followers, fans and readers to find ‘Missie Cindz’ – I tend to be hidden and hanging in Sheffield’s lovely foody joints. Missie’s distinctive purple hair and skin, bright yellow frock, big friendly eyes, and holding a smiley (yet cheeky) fork make her slightly easier to recognise. Twitpic, tweet or Facebook me your pictures (email too if you’d prefer) – you need to also let me/mention where you found me (so others can find out and share too :) … never know your image could be in next month’s issue of Toast Magazine or on my delicious Missie C’s online gallery which is in the making and will need you to provide content so watch this space! Keep your eyes peeled, chaps.

Happy munchings. Missie Cindz x

Missie Cindz

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