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31 May 2011


Me and my Mr Heart - I like to eat for a healthy heart!

Me and my Mr Heart - I like to eat for a healthy heart!


Big at heart – yep, that’s me :)

I started this blog and Missie Cindz (AKA my foody partner in crime), at the end of 2010 after finally feeling the need to share my food experiences with everyone, whether I knew them or not. Blogging wasn’t something I knew much about and it wasn’t until one of my explorations at a Sheffield’s Farmer’s Market in Nether Edge, where I discovered a connection with food and the local community. That day, I was really moved and wrapped up in the delicious taste of the food on display and that’s when I thought others needed to know about these guys (food producers) too! That’s when the idea of a food-related blog came about and I thought why not write one myself. I’ve never been a fab writer but I like to try and I enjoy sharing ‘worthwhile’ things with others.

Food is never far off my creative mind – I’ve been called a Gastro-nutter by Sheffield’s Toast magazine (issue 12, page 10), and a ‘Foodie Queen’ by Sheffield based caterers, PJ Taste :).  I wouldn’t say that I’m always hungry or even greedy (I know of you might disagree), but I just enjoy being around home-made, tasteful foods and seasonal produce. I’m someone who’s always thinking and imagining of the next meal I’d like to eat or have cooked for me. If I have the time, I will cook from scratch too (that’s when I’m not busy spending my time in Sheffield restaurants and helping our food economy), I feel lucky to be able to know how to cook from my parents catering background – but I am always on the look-out for new cooking recipes and styles too.

This amazing food adventure I’m on has lead me to seasonal produce that’s made me go “You what? – where’s the food dictionary!?” (e.g. Picked Ransoms Buds?). It’s all very fun and exciting. With all this delicious Sheffield food around, my foody heart is looking very healthy and wholesome these days :)

Please keep a look out this week on the post featuring more information on my ‘Missie Cindz Eats Sheffield Food for a Week’ Challenge (taking place 4th – 10th July 2011). It’s going to be delicious! (follow my challenge tweets under the conversation hashtag: #MissiesEatSheffieldFoodWeek)

Missie Cindz x

Missie Cindz