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Purple Coffee

19 April 2011

Cheers to @HowieHowe for reaching 20,000 tweets today!

Cheers to @HowieHowe for reaching 20,000 tweets today :)

The Rutland Arms 'famous' outside food board, where is it now?

The Rutland Arms 'famous' outside food board

The Rutland Arms 'famous' outside food board, where is it now?

The Rutland Arms 'famous' outside food board, where is it now?


I bobbed into the Rutland Arms for a coffee and have any of you seen their new change in colour of menus? – have changed to a funky bright orange – lovely vibrant and very tasteful colour – I see, summer’s arrived at the pub then! At first glance, I hesitated and thought, “a change to new ‘lighter’ meals!? – hopefully that ‘immense’ Rutty burger isn’t written off”, but to my purple eyes, their food menu is exactly the same. They have their daily specials written on a posh massive frame now though (not on a blackboard but I don’t see their Missie Cindz cutout, who hailed their Scotch Eggs hung up there anymore, where am I Rutland Arms?) and also, where’s is your/their ‘famous’ outdoor blackboard? – did someone nick off with this? (I enjoyed walking past that board on a daily bases and reading their daily rambles about Chef Riko’s cheesy balls (and how we should try them) or what Pie Day it was, etc… (this was good ol’ Sheffield banter :)

Oh on a final note, one of the most vibrant tweeters I know on Twitterverse, @howiehowe (Mark) reached his 20,000 tweets today!! can you believe that? (I can’t either) but I’m so honoured to had been mentioned in his milestone tweet alongside @JFlinnDesigns. Say hello to Mark. Mark is a photographer and creative designer who always has simple and smart ideas. His work makes me smile and say “Of course!”. He likes to play with light and shadows, and to experiment with interesting ways of telling ‘tasteful’ stories….and he also made me REAL for the day last month too (so many thanks for that experience!), take a look at the post I did about it too: Howe Made Me Real :)

Cheers Howie and here’s a cuppa coffee to you! – let’s hope you gain lots more followers so that you can continue entertaining us, keep the rambling up and also let’s reach the 30,000 tweeting milestone in no time (I’m sure you can do it :) lol.

Missie Cindz

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