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07 April 2011

Missie Cindz meets Jarvis Cocker

Look who we bumped into...Missie Cindz meets Jarvis Cocker

Introducing the Missie to Jarvis - he was quite fond of her too.

Introducing the Missie to Jarvis - he was quite fond of her too. I think his fave colour is purple now!


Look who interrupted my salad…

Guess who joined me and the Missie for lunch @PJtaste in Sheffield? Jarvis Cocker and he was quite fond of the Missie too – he tried to nick her put then I would’ve beaten him to a pulp. #JarvisCocker

It was all very random actually and I didn’t even recognise him at first (he didn’t look like the mad, crazy, skinny jeans kinda guy who sung ‘Common People’ – but then this was over 15 years ago!). He’s currently in Sheffield on business and as I’m a regular to all these lovely foody joints of Sheffield (on my Missie Cindz Food Adventures #missiesfoodadventures), I’m bound to be on a colourful lunch hour!

Find more of my food tweets @missiecindz or if you’re in and around Sheffield, please do keep an eye out for your Missie in a restaurant near you. If you see her ‘hanging’ in your local cafe/restaurant/farm/pub, quickly tweet/or email a picture of the Missie and let me know where she’s at – Missie’s getting really good at playing ‘Foody Hide and Seek’ in Sheffield nowadays.

Missie Cindz

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