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Missie visits Sheffield Honey

14 March 2011

Brace yourself :) she is very brave!

Brace yourself :) she is brave -> Thanks Sheffield Honey


It was such a Yellow Monday today (there wasn’t a hint of Pantone Blue in anyway!). Thanks @sheffieldhoney for the photo of our Missie – helping to feed the bees was she? She’s such a brave Missie!!! it’s like she even got her massive fork out to splat them like a fly swatter!!! (let’s hope not though)…seems shes enjoying her outings in Sheffield! (sometimes, FAR TOO much!!) #missiesfoodadventures

I look forward to seeing more ‘brave’ photos – keep the tweets coming. I’m so jealous. I’ll be paying a visit to your BeeHiveQuarters myself really soon Honey!

Missie Cindz

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