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Oh What a Week – 7-13th March

13 March 2011

Sheffield Photographer Mark Howe makes me real!

Sheffield Photographer Mark Howe brings me to life for the day with lots of Photoshop!

Sheffield's Rutland Arms Celebrates British Pie Week

British Pie Week: Rutland Arms scotch egg with pork pie and 'real' chips! Delicious.

H! by Henry Holland Accessories from Debenhams

H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams. Check out his range - it's gorgeous!

Missie Cindz Pancake Day Treats

8th March: Missie Cindz Pancake Day treats - playing with my usual


PJ Taste Site Gallery's new interiors

PJ Taste Site Gallery's NEW tasteful and refreshing interiors. Beautiful illustrations

More pictures of PJ Taste's NEW frieze and 'Library Corner'

More pictures of PJ Taste's NEW frieze and 'Library Corner'

Missie Cindz on a boat of sushi - thanks Wasabisabi

Our Missie smells rather fishy! - thanks Wasabisabi for the food


Missie’s Visual Diary – how busy and manic has this week been?

On Monday, I decided to take a break from my usual food snapping – yes, I never thought I’d get to say that either, and met up with Mark Howe for a fantastic photo shoot. Forget purple, today was when I got peachy! Say hello to Mark. Mark is a Photographer and Creative Designer who always has simple and smart ideas. His work makes me smile and say “Of course!”. He likes to play with light and shadows, and to experiment with interesting ways of telling ‘tasteful’ stories. Read my full experience of the day here.

Check out Jane Faram’s blog post on Sheffield’s @PJtaste‘s new illustrative frieze. Jane (@FaramAuFait) was commissioned to work alongside We are Click to produce a frieze for the wall of the Canteen. The work combines a map of Sheffield and their key producers with a menu board of sorts, to narrate the process from planting to devouring! (it’s all very interesting). You really have to see it for yourself and snoop around in their ‘library’ corner (nice stools too), you probably can’t miss it actually…I hadn’t been in the canteen for a week and it was ALL CHANGE! :) – I was glad to see the staff (Melanie) was still the same though!

Next weekend, I’m looking forward to the Sheffield Bradfield Farmers Markets (19th March, from 11am) – where over 20 Sheffield food stalls will be there, showing off to us their delightful treats and full flavoured goodness. So for Gerty’s Pork, Sheffield Honey, Our Cow Molly ice cream and milk, Tea Box and many more, make sure you’re there.

No doubt Missie will also continue leaving her paper cutout trails around Sheffield too. This week she was up at Heeley City Farm, helping Lisa with the postcards – take a look :) If you’ve spotted her, tweet me a photo – she’s always gallivanting up and down the City sniffing food and leaving crumb! #missiesfoodadventures


Missie Cindz

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