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RIP Sheffield’s Pollards

03 March 2011

RIP Sheffield's Pollards Tea and Coffee - you'll be missed

I was sad to hear Sheffield’s oldest shop, Pollards Tea & Coffee, had close after 132 years of business from its premises on Charles Street in our City Centre. There are so few proper coffee shops (that have good coffee, are reasonably priced, and don’t burn/overheat the milk) in Sheffield. It was mentioned on Radio Sheffield that business had dropped from 700 customers a day to under 70! It’s daunting to realise, day by day, our City’s little treasures are disappearing.

Pollards did some great homemade treats (mmm their Quiches!) and they did a memorable hot chocolate too! =) It was full of friendly staff – where customer service mattered – was personal and valuable, which helped made this Aladdin’s cave a really relaxing haven to be in but this alone has not been enough to bring in customers.

I’m going to miss a place where you could really smell the coffee. No doubt the council will see that their windows will be filled with art! (why are people handing money over and kinda saying a picture will do is beyond me, it doesn’t make sense).

RIP Pollards. All the Best – you’ll be deeply missed. I’ll have a slice of cake to you!

Missie Cindz

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