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MooLaLa: Our Local Restaurant

26 February 2011

Sheffield's MooLala Restaurant, West One

My oh my… I stumbled across newly opened MooLaLa yesterday whilst out gallivanting on yet, another eventful foodifilled outing with friends. What stopped me to explore more about this newly opened eatery located in the West One Complex of Sheffield were the words “Your Local Restaurant” – as you’re aware of already, I’m very fond of things Bright and Local, so I was intrigued and smelt a craving coming on.

MooLaLa says they work with Sheffield farmers and suppliers to source a bit of the countryside and delivers it right to the doorstep of everyone in our great city. They display (near their door area), signage displaying the @OurCowMolly logo “sold here”. I’m a big fan of Molly Ice-cream, so I quickly nipped in and asked the waiter for a takeaway menu – I was eager to find out the types of foods on offer. I asked the Manager (well, he looked like the manager – he was the one in a smart shirt and tie and wasn’t in uniform unlike his waiters), how long MooLaLa had been opened, he answered “just two days” …this was definitely a new baby calve on our doorstep!

Their menu (print version) outlines in details where their foods come from and highly credits their suppliers too. Such as, John Crawshaw’s the Butchers in Stocksbridge; Lower Hurst Farm, Birlay Carr; Daisy Hill Farm, Hazlehead; All Seasons Fruit and Vegetable Suppliers, Castle Market and more…It’s very interesting (and helpful, to me, to find out more unknown local food producers from my City) and also appreciating to see a local independent restaurant doing their bit back for our community. Already MooLaLa get a thumbs up from Missie for this.

Sheffield's MooLala Restaurant, West One. Let's Eat Local.

I'm looking forward to trying MooLaLa, will let you know my thoughts.

I will definitely be trying MooLaLa Restaurant very soon (next week infact! and hopefully will be in great company too, cc @Whatsonupnorth – I can’t wait :) If any of you have tried/or will have eaten here before we do, let me know your thoughts and recommendations on what to have – it would be great to know your comments and thoughts. In the meantime time, Let’s all have a food-packed Moo-ing weekend!

MooLaLa Restaurant
Unit 12, The Plaza, West One
Sheffield,S1 4JL
Tel: 08454967758

Missie Cindz

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