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The Frugal Sheffield Lunch Hour (Part One)

18 February 2011

The Frugal Sheffield Lunch Hour

Food Glorious Foods
As you all know, I’m always up for a Foodie Challenge, whether it’s Breakfast Week in January (click here to read article) or last weekend’s, breadmaking heart-shaped rolls (click here to read article) – gimme a challenge and I’ll try ‘my best’ in accomplishing it (or at least, I’ll share with you – in picture form – my journey in tackling the task :)

Well, the next Missie Cindz Challenge I’ve set myself is to try and find the best affordable ‘lunch venues’ in my Sheffield. Lunch sometimes, can be a real headache for me – if I’ve forgotten to make my own, I’m so spoilt for choice in where to grab that bite from (and especially on a tight budget too!).

The Task
To comfortably lunch (loosely defined as snack/meal plus drink for under £10 a head) within one hour and get back to the studio in time for the afternoon shift. I’ll be taking a note of the customer service, environment (setting), presentation of foods and speediness of delivery.

At the moment, I’m still compiling the list of lunch venues to visit (I’m hoping to visit at least five different city centre venues). I work in the city centre so these venues must be convenient (within walking distance) for me. I’m doing this challenge so that I can share with my readers an insight of a ‘typical’ munching hour in Sheffield and to inform you some of Sheffield’s eatery venues which Sheffielders/visitors might’ve not (yet) tried or knew about to lunch in yourself!?

Let the Frugal Lunch Hunt Begin
The actual Lunch Challenge will take place throughout the whole of March. If anyone wants to join me, just tweet to let me know and we’ll arrange something (just remember that tenner with you :)

If any of you Sheffield Restaurants/Cafes/Foodies have any lunch Meal Deals, please tweet these my way! Look forward to noshing with you all really soon.

Missie Cindz

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