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Mission to Revolutionise Breakfast

26 January 2011

Today is the last day to enter this competition as part of the Farmhouse Breakfast Week, which I’ve been supporting and endlessly tweeting about for most of this month (well, brekkie is the most important meal for me :). I hope you’ve been following my Missie Breakfast Challenge and are enjoying the foody pics too. Anyway, the basis of the competition was to come up with a new breakfast gizmo, so finally, here is my entry:

The ‘Missie Cindz’ Wake-up Light with Oven Alarm

The 'Missie Cindz' Wake-up Light with Oven AlarmThe 'Missie Cindz' Wake-up Light with Oven Alarm visual

Product Features

  • The ‘Missie Cindz’ Wake-up Light with Oven Alarm gradually wakes you up to the smell of a freshly cooked cupcake
  • The Wake-Up Light starts gradually brightening from 30 minutes before your set wake-up time
  • The Wake-Up Light starts baking your cake mixture from 10 minutes before your set wake-up time
  • At your set wake-up time – you smell freshly baked cake and will hear a bird singing, soft chimes or a friendly beep
  • Choose your preferred light intensity
  • Durable non-stick baking tray. Easy to clean and comes with a concise and illustrated Missie Cindz instructions book

Delicious Cupcakes Every Morning
The problem with breakfast is that people struggle to find the time for it, with this neat gadget you’ll have your cupcake baked in ‘perfect’ time for your morning get-up and go routine. All you need to do is the following; just before you sleep at night, insert a ‘Cupcake Pod Mixture’ into the Missie Cindz Wake-up Light with Oven Alarm; set your wake-up time (mine’s usually 7am) and Hey Presto!! – shut your eyes, fall asleep and just wait for that morning light and sweet aroma. I know what you”™re thinking, why aren”™t I an Inventor. Well it”™s a very innovative breakfast solution, that I’m sure, would get most of us out of bed for! What’s more than better than waking up to the fresh smell of a freshly baked cupcake? – forget the greasy bacon (I’m kind to the pigs – most of the time) – it’s all about sweet delights with me.

The lovely smell of fresh bread/cakes make people feel secure and well. The sweet aroma of freshly baked bread is irresistible. I know most of us buy bread from the supermarket, but we all still associate the smell of fresh bread with well-being and home-made. It’s an inherited association.

Start your day full of energy with the light and smell that wakes you naturally
This Wake-up Light with Oven Alarm wakes you up in a natural way, with light that increases gradually. From half an hour before your required wake-up time, the Missie Wake-Up Light emits light that gradually increases to the intensity you have selected, simulating the rising sun in your bedroom, thus gently preparing your body to wake up. Research proves that dawn simulation improves subjective measures of energy, mood, productivity, quality of sleep and quality of awakening (for the source, ask me :) From now on, waking up will be a pleasant and delicious experience. It makes use of a energy-saving lamp to wake you gently.

So, make the change today and choose the Missie Wake-Up Light with Oven Alarm to wake up naturally and as your Best Breakfast Gizmo Idea :)

Missie Cindz

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