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Where to nosh on a Friday night?

14 January 2011

As I left the studio to start my chillaxing weekend, I posted up on twitter to my ‘colourful’ followers “Where would be great to wine and dine on a Friday night in Sheffield?”. This week’s been pretty busy and I thought, “ahhhh, it’s time to sit down and have a plate full of wholesomeness”. Afterall, we all deserve a good treat! (and instead of showering myself with clothes – a shopping trip to MeadowHell! I like to go out for nice foods instead ;)

I’ve been recommended some interesting (and new places to try too) which include – Mish Mash by @OurCowMolly and @steelcitykitchn, Thyme Cafe by @lou_tweets , BBs Italian, Relish and Vitos on Walkley by Whatsonupnorth, Silversmiths Restaurant and Bar, Cafe Guru, Loch Fyne, Picolino,  Cafe Pho by charjoe Thank you all for these prompt suggestion. Much appreciated!

I’m looking at my watch now -reads 8pm and I can here my poor tum calling out “feed me!”….“Where have you decided to nosh then Cindz” I hear you ask? well, I’m swanning off to Thyme Cafe as recommended by @lou_tweets (I’ve not been in years, but I expect the standards and flavours are still top notch!). I’ve read some foodie reviews and they don’t seem bad.

Oh before I forget, I’ve also finally found a page where I can find the delightful foodie-rants in our Sheffield, by the guys from @ExposedMagSheff. Have a gander at their newly updated ‘Eating’ section, with its user-friendly search bar and reviews. Let’s get TASTING!!

Missie Cindz

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