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09 January 2011

Tweet me if you can

Last year was when I first stumbled upon twitter and posted my first ‘Tweet’. Tweets are text-based posts of 140 characters or less displayed on the user”™s profile page. This enables users to update their current profile succinctly and quickly.

Six months later, everyday I wake up and the first thing I do is, I check my twitter (I don”™t have to feel sad or guilty, I know I’m not alone). One thing I want to say is twitter has been nothing but great! I”™ve learned so much from twitter and I can say that twitter has definitely allowed me to grow and connect with some super talented people! -  ranging from creative talents/designers/illustrators/programmers/directors; Sheffield foodie specialists, local producers through to even connecting deeper relationships with people on twitter through DM”™s and emails.

Tweetful learning
One thing I love about twitter is that it allows me to continue to learn (it’s something great about this resource) – I push myself to continue to learn because I ask! I”™ve been learning so much from great people.

@wpbeginner and @dutchoh1 teaches so many great things on my new interest for WordPress. @TheMightyPencil and @inkpixelspaper provides my daily dosage of inspiration. @dalem @dowsoncreative @thefoodnut @julia_design @irarmadilloboy have become fond regular tweeters of mine – cheers for the shout outs (especially you @irarmadilloboy :) and for the creative bonding tweets – you’re all real positive influences (@15percentkidney). For those who don’t know me, I’m also a girl who really enjoys her foods! (especially Sheffield Foods) – and I’ve been lucky to have been introduced to a heap of Sheffield Foodie delights: @eatsheffield @pjtaste @ourcowmolly @umptiousmuffins @cococatering @sheffieldhoney @teaboxonline @CatherinesChce @bakeitmix @busterscoffee). Finally, there’s @CheekySpouse too who’s my alike – a Graphic Designer by profession but a food blogger, amateur cooking lover :) oh and there’s @loveyourlarder (hi-five!)

Social media name games
The names are endless and I’m sorry to those I’ve not mentioned (this blog post would be far too long if I did and I assure you, you’re thought about). I know there will be people who’ll be saying “you can get this in real life too you know Cindy” – yes, you’re right but I look at twitter as a tool that helps me to connect with all these amazing people. I doubt if I wasn’t on twitter, I’d be able to stumble across and know about some of these amazing tweeters I”™m tweeting with today (even if it’s sharing a recipe, I’m happy with the connection we’ve established). I”™ve also even connected with a lot of them on linkedin (@howiehowe) and Facebook as well.

I look forward to stumbling across more and more interesting new Tweeters…and maybe, even people I hope to work (collaborate in someway) with in the near future too!?? keep up those colourful tweets.

Missie Cindz

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