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Kick start a healthy new year

06 January 2011

I hope everyone had a foodilicious festive holiday and I wish us all a very creative and prosperous year ahead too. Do any of you do or still set yourself resolutions anymore? – and if you do, if any of them involve foods or creative/design related activities, oh please care to share these with me (I’ll let you know mine too! :)…I don’t tend to set mine specifically for the New Year, as I find the word ‘resolution’ rather intimidating – I set myself mini goals throughout the year to accomplish, that’s good enough for me. Well, I’ve definitely eaten the last chunk of ham and mince pies, ‘almost’ finished the chocolates and put the drinks away with good intentions of eating better and healthier in 2011. But rather than worrying about giving things up (‘giving up’ is definitely a term I dislike) in January, I’ve decided to try taking up new things.

I’m easing myself into it this month by cooking a new fish recipe each week (I hardly cook fish – I’m a bit scared of it for some reason but am a huge fan of eating seafood). So far, I’ve made a delicious Tuna pasta bake in a rich home-made tomato sauce – deeeelish! and next week, I’ve got a Missie Cindz home-made Fish Pie on the cards :) – wish me luck!

What fish recipes would you recommend me to try? Would love to hear from you. I want to eat as wide a variety of food as possible this year – let’s see how wide my mouth can become.

Missie Cindz