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Good Food is where the heart is

22 December 2010

Pak Hoo House, Rotherham - South Yorks.

I’m someone who enjoys blogging about food (and I often impress myself by finding the time to do it!) – it’s helpful and important to share eating experiences with others; talking about foods, especially Sheffield foods – helps us become more open-minded on what’s available to us; food is a good element in bringing people together – whether it’s sitting together at the table, assisting one another as a team in making a meal or food shopping together – somehow, it’s able to bring bonds! (even if that homemade pie doesn’t turn out as expected – we still appreciate the thought and effort put into making it – pour on a bit of gravy and it’ll do! :)

I was practically bought up in my family’s Chinese takeaway which we ran successfully for almost 25 years – the delicious aromas and flavours of foods becomes second nature to me. We were lucky to have loyal and fantastic, regular customers. I was quickly shown the importance of ‘a personal’ customer service – interacting and welcoming my customers as they walked through our door was fundamental in the whole Pak Hoo House experience. We existed by provided a friendly, local independent service to the Rotherham community and in return our local customers helped to keep our family’s business afloat and prosperous – it has to work both ways.

Fooding Around in Sheffield

The reputation of Sheffield”™s dining scene is still unfairly ‘shone away’ and unspoken of despite a growth in quality venues across the City. I’ve heard my friends recommending dining venues in Manchester, Leeds and ‘hot spot’ areas in London but where’s the mention of ‘Sheffield?’. Lately, I’ve been spending some quality time with my notebook and group of foodie associates in sampling our City’s foodie delights, musing back over the finest – and not so fine – from meeting local Sheffield producers, sampling sandwich shops, bakery treats to delicious home-cooked meals (…my list goes on – and I’ve been having fun too). But this isn”™t a time to dwell on the not so fine, please don’t take my negative feedback as bad though – without feedback it’s hard to identify improvements and to know what’s going on all the time (if you’re a business owner reading this post – I’m sure you can relate to this bit).

Sharing our experiences…

It’s about time we/I shout about how Sheffield’s food/restaurants are hitting the mark. Don”™t let your favourites go unnoticed either – let me know some of your enjoyable places in Sheffield who could do with a mention – it’s about time we celebrated many of the exciting eateries here in the City. I’m sure the guys from @Whatsonupnorth, @steelcitykitchn and @eatSheffield would be interested in finding out your thoughts too.

I always appreciate a good food venue recommendation. There’s nothing more valuable than an experienced testimonial/recommendation – it goes a long way!)

Missie Cindz

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