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Healthy Grazing, with

15 December 2010

want to be a healthier grazer?

Get a free box from with this code: RJCGHHXT – healthy snacks delivered to your desk”¦delicious and lovely :)

A few months ago I found a fantastic company called graze who send great and healthy snacks in boxes through the post. I’ve stumbled across them a while ago but have only just tried them out. They offer some great choices for a great price (or free if it’s your first purchase), these boxes are awesome because you can have sent anywhere. You can get them sent to work if you”™re an office, at home or send them to a friend who you reckon is a grazer. These are perfect because I (and I”™m sure lots of you are guilty of it) snack, I can find myself reaching for chocolates, cereal bars or biccies to accompany a freshly made brew. Some colleagues seem to take loads of yummy foods into offices – I’m not saying my snack foodies are all unhealthy because alot of the times they do include a banana or apple! :)

From their Grazing boxes, you can try things you never thought you would for £2.99 inc postage and package, you get a good balance of things. You can have olives (I didn’t used to like these fellas but I do now), and I realise olives aren”™t so good for you but it”™s part of a balanced diet so indulge a little. You can have nuts, dried fruits, flapjack, rice crackers and tasty focaccias. It”™s endless. I like the fact that you also get quite a lot of your ‘chosen graze product’ in each individual punnet. I like the packaging too, very stylish and everything they use is recycled.

Oh finally I loved the graze reindeer I got too along with my usual fruit and nut snacks. Made me feel a little extra more jolly! :)

Missie Cindz