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Good food lies at home

05 December 2010

Good food lies at home

Today, I wandered up to the Nether Edge Christmas markets, at first I wasn’t sure if this event would still be on due to the heavy snow we’d had but it was excellent to see how many people still turned up and the area was definitely filled with good community spirits (that was almost warm enough to melt this horrendous ice away!). With the dominance of supermarkets and chains in the high street and out of town shopping centres, local food stores have all but disappeared completely, but from today’s visit (and last week’s Good Food Show), there’s still a market for local food as people become starved of choice by the big brands. Locally produced food is better than ever in Sheffield and I’ve been denied this by the large chains.

I’ve not trekked up this part of the City before, and it was delightful to see so many locally sourced produce on show with a range of fresh, local, organic produce that made me go all ‘Oooooh’d’ – ranging from local cheeses, sausages, mushrooms, cupcakes/muffins to fish and seafood. It was encouraging to see how much variety Sheffield has to give to its residence when it comes to good nosh and ‘authentic’ entertainment, and in return Sheffielders are keen to support their local market. Everyone had worked really hard to make this event go ahead – I could sense it (even the bitter cold and black ice didn’t discourage them away =)

Keep these events up guys – these kinda events helps to celebrate all that is grown and produced locally. A big thumbs up! (the hot soup from Umptious Muffins got my taste buds tingling – thanks Amanda! :) – am looking forward to the next one!

Finally, look out for my ‘Missie local food growers and producers’ address book posting up early next year – I’m still busy gathering up the list of contacts so you can find and buy the food you want, near you, easier!

On the fifth colourful door of the #Missieadventcalendar – I got TWO @Umptiousmuffins :)

Missie Cindz