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Curries make things all so much better!

01 December 2010

Chicken Korma with Mangetout Beans served with plain rice. #nomnomnom

They say, good ‘wholesome’ food will make things feel better – and especially if they’re home-made and cooked with the right ingredients – equals to a satisfied tum. It’s times like these when it’s snowy and cold outside that a good plate of grub will uplift our moods – plus people do say, the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy! (and so far, this could be said true – no man’s complained about my Missie Chicken and Mushroom Pie :)

Honest Foods
I’ve realised the importance of good, honest foods. What is good “˜honest foods”™? You ask. Honest Food is any food that is prepared with pride and served with respect for those that will eat it.  It is simple real food and doesn”™t have to be the fancy chef stuff.  It may be only a bowl porridge, but if you serve it with love, then that is Honest.

Nowadays everyone is so busy, people are cooking less and less, and so increasingly they turn to meals that someone else has made. A stranger. Which when you eat, doesn”™t create the same emotional response as from someone you know – (I’ve always said my mum’s cooking’s the best and no-one has yet attempted to beat her!).

Curry Lovers
Check out my latest ‘Honest/playful’ meal – Meet Mr SnowCurry – a home-made Chicken Korma with Mangetout Beans served with plain rice. He looked so content with his fate but I was far too hungry to be kind.

Missie Cindz

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